languages of london

Languages Of London brings together people in London, and the wider UK, with a shared love of languages.

We were founded on one simple idea:

Learning languages makes the world a better place, and is also a lot of fun!


Yes! Tell Me About Language Events In London!

Languages Of London exists to make it easier for people to learn languages in their local community, and to meet others who share the same passion.

We run meetups and networking events for those who want to meet others with an interest in languages.

We also offer taster sessions and community events for those who want to learn a new language themselves.

Last but not least, we raise awareness of the importance of foreign language education and the value that linguistic diversity brings.

Here are two ways to stay in touch with us

  1. Join us on Meetup!
  2. Join our Facebook community!

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events in London!

The Languages Of London Team

P.S. Look for #languagesoflondon on social media!